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Classic Class Choice

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I hate using down ranked spells.
So for me, it's the rogue.
Still have to decide between horde and alliance though. I know people on both factions.
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Diablo 3

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What went wrong?
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TY is Back baby.
50,000 until ps4/xbone ports.
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>black man
>passive is he jumps high

blizzard can't keep getting away with it
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>Game with multiple different races
>Still picks humans, slightly shorter humans, or tall pointy eared humans
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Nintenbros on perpetual suicide watch
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Who's the dancer in your class?
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Why aren't PC games cheaper than console games these days? 10 years ago they were about 2/3rds of the price at launch or less.
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Why aren't noone talking about this? Looks interesting. I didn't know Perfect World also publishes single player games
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