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I’m going to fucking say it

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I fucking LOVE elves . Why does /v/ doesn’t want to talk about them ? elves thread .
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Alright /v/, lets do this one more time

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This is your Smash 6 AND dlc roster
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Mario Maker 2: Shill and Chill Edition

Silence - 58X 7Q5 VPF
Ice Pick - R03 RS2 M6G

I play, like, and comment on courses from creators who try mine.

Bonus: My friend has an uncleared course that is based on the legacy of Bill Clinton.

Broski Challenge 3: Bill Clinton - W0Y S26 FRF
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Hey anons. Thread died with no replies.I've been playing Red Ancommie 2 for a while now and the game's been annoying me to hell with always stowing my long arms on the horse. Is there any way I can keep my long weapons on me, or do I have to get off the horse and wait for Arthur to take his long ass fuckin time pulling out the weapons I need every goddamn time? Also, how tf do I stay on horseback while lassoing another horse? It was possible for one mission and then...nope. Another one of those great Rockstar gimmicks that you can't do outside of missions?

Another thing, is this game whitemanbad.jpg the entire time? Honestly, as a foreigner, Dixie feels like the land with the true american spirit and the game shits all over southeners. It's like the writers for the game hate America or something. The only good thing any chara ever said about whitey was Lenny saying his momma was safe as a slave and that emancipation made blacks worse off.
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You know it's bound to happen.
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When will /ourboy/ be as viable as his Gary Stu counterpart?
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This is Jimmy.
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