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Since we are not allowed to talk about Ion Fury anymore, can we finally talk about the true savior of FPS?
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Who'd win in a fight between the SF and the DoA cast?
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What should change for the sequel to improve on the original?
>new map or completely ravamped Hyrule
>half the teleportation points, kinda ruins the exploration theme when you can skip the entirity of the gameworld with fast travel
>a quarter or the shrines or no shrines at all
>at least 6 mandatory dungeons
>smaller, optional dungeons sprinkled around the overworld the main quest won't tell you about
>new overworld bosses
>new enemies alongside older foes like the ironknuckles, skulltulas, deku babas etc
>new towns
>no kidnapped/trapped Zelda, I don't care if she's playable or not, just don't pull the same shit again
>Castle Town rebuild quest

yay nay? what would you like to see?
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Monster Hunter Thread

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How would you rank the flagships?
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Do video game companies lie/inflate their sales?

I literally do not know a single person who has bought Three Kingdoms and even people who love total war games don't like it. The Total War general on /vg/ hates this game and literally no one is playing it.

Plus the game genre itself is kind of niche with a very niche setting, I just do not believe that a million people bought this game in a week.
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Comfy Switch Thread

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Are you enjoying your Switch /v/?

I'm so excited for Astral Chain!
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When will we get the Devil May Cry and Bayonetta crossover we deserve?
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Face it /v/ros fortnite is the greatest vidya game in the world, why aren't you playing it right now?
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